Steps to install Powerstation:

  1. Download the compiled jruby from compiled_jruby and configure your environment path as follows:
    $ cd compiled-jruby
    $ export JRUBY_PATH=`pwd`/bin
    $ export PATH=$JRUBY_PATH:$PATH

    Make sure the export commands are also saved to ~/.bashrc.

  2. Install yard and activesupport:
    $ gem install yard
    $ gem install activesupport
    $ gem install work_queue

    If your view file is written in haml, you also need to install python3 and bs4.

  3. Download and install RubyMine.

  4. Download powerstation.

  5. Open RubyMine and go to preference->plugin, then click Install plugin from disk, and select the powerstation jar file just downloaded.
    Install plugin

  6. The tool needs to know all entrance controller actions from your application. It assumes them to be stored in a file called calls.txt. You can generate that file by running:
      $rake routes | tail -n +2 | awk '{ for (i=1;i<=NF;i++) if (match($i, /.#./)) print $i}' | sed -e 's/#/,/g' | sort | uniq

    in your app, and then copying it to <APPDIR>/calls.txt.

  7. Open your project with RubyMine and you’re ready to go!